EMS Warm-Up Massage Bra-For Everyone Needs It

CupRose is designed to transform breast health and appearance, which allows you experience the power of new EMS tech applying and embrace a new level of wellness and self-assurance with just comfortable wearing.

What CupRose Do?

Breast Lymphatic Drainage

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology allows CupRose to promote lymphatic drainage and blood circulaition. Activated lymphatic system can flush out toxins to reduce located aging fat and reduce the risk of nodules and diseases. Regular use of CupRose helps nourish breast tissues, prevent nudes and breast-related diseases and maintain optimal breast health.

Customizable Size

CupRose allows you to adjust the size of your breasts, ensuring a comfortable and confident fit because the neurons in the thymic nodule are able to reactivate in response to EMS and connect more closely with the surrounding neurons, through which breasts restore elasticity and activity. Stay away from uneven, saggy or oversized breasts.

Why CupRose Needed

● Risk of Nodules & Diseases: Stay-up, diet habit of excessive oil and salt and obesity are more susceptible to poor lymphatic circulation, causing nodules and breast-related diseases like Fibroadenomas, Breast Cysts, Mastitis, posing potential health risks.

● Dryness & Sagging: Deactivated muscle tissues and neuronal connections cause fat to accumulate in the breasts in an unorganized manner and are easily lost through aging, leading to dry and sagging breasts, affecting both appearance and self-confidence during career or marriage life.

● Uneven Breast Size: Uneven breast size can cause discomfort with improper-size bras and self-consciousness in social situations, which mainly comes from hormonal fluctuations during menstrual cycle, breastfeeding nad menapause. It's more possible to get single-sided diseases and pass down to the next generations.

● Reduced Life Enjoyment: Who Unhappy with breast appearance may experience a decline in self-esteem and career and marriage enjoyment.

How CupRose Achieve?

EMS Technology With Intelligent Temperature Control: CupRose employs advanced EMS technology to stimulate the breast muscles and nodes. With 42 °C stable temperature, care for the breast and improve female hormones, promote breast growth to restore breast elasticity.

● Traditional Acupoints Plus Modern Medical Knowledge: Acupoints are usually areas where nerves are close to the skin's surface. Effective stimulation can release muscle tension, stimulate blood circulation.

● Adjustable and Comfortable Design & Easy Daily Maintenance: The adjustable velcro gives anyone this chance! Incorporating CupRose into your daily routine is effortless with its efficient mute design and Graphene battery, allowing to care for breasts and maintain optimal wellness anywhere and anytime.

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Adjust The Bra
According to the chest size, adjust the Elasticity with velcro.

Turn It On
Press the middle button to power on/off.

Enjoy Visible Change
Buttons-Control: Left one for strength and right one for warming up.

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Real Customers, Real Enjoyable Experience

CupRose has been a revelation for me, as I struggled with breast-related diseases. Its ability to is remarkable. I now feel empowered to take control of my breast health and maintain overall wellness.

Sarah Blair, UK

Thanks CupRose!
After experiencing dry and sagging breasts post-pregnancy, I was desperate to find a solution. CupRose has been a blessing. It has improved the elasticity of my breasts, making them firmer and more youthful. I feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin.

Jessica Buck, US

My Lovely Wife Loves!
Surprised my wife with CupRose! It turned out to be the best gift I could have given her. She had been struggling with self-confidence. Since using CupRose, her breasts have become fuller and more shapely, and she feels more comfortable and confident in her own skin. It has truly been a life-changing product for her and me!!!

Al Ellard, Canada

Better Me From Now On
I have struggled with uneven breasts for years, and CupRose has been a game-changer for me. Not only can I adjust the size to achieve a more balanced appearance, but the lymphatic drainage feature has also helped alleviate discomfort and reduce swelling!

C. Jensen, US

Having lived with uneven breasts for years, I finally discovered CupRose, and it saved me!! The adjustable feature allowed me to customize the size and shape of my breasts, creating a more balanced and symmetrical appearance. I no longer feel self-conscious!

Diana P, Canada

Problem Solved
Living with the constant discomfort of swollen and congested breasts was exhausting. CupRose's breast lymphatic drainage feature has been a game-changer for me. It helps alleviate the congestion and promotes better circulation, leading to healthier breasts.

Rebecca, J US

A Gift Choice
I decided to surprise my wife with CupRose as she had mentioned her desire for fuller breasts. She was ecstatic when she received it and has been using it regularly ever since. She desired and she made! And the positive impact on her self-esteem and confidence is evident. I'm grateful to CupRose for bringing joy and satisfaction to my wife.

Madison, US

Unbelieveable Products
I bought it just for a try :couse I have used all kinds of products to enlarge my breasts. Acturally I didn't give it much hope. But with about 1 month use, YES, just wear it almost these days, changes came!!! I am the best!!! BTW, it's super comfortable!

Lindsey Briscoe, Australia

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The majority of persons with their unsatisfactory breasts react well to EMS Bioelectric Therapy over time as opposed to surgery and diet regimens, according to the National Institutes of Health.
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